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A Quite Great company

Jun 30, 2011

You think that you can sing? Or you have a band? And you are living in England? Then you will need the help of the guys and girls from Quit Great, a music pr company from England.

Quite Great offers headline-grabbing publicity campaigns for bands and brands, project development, design and online marketing services, reputation management, and much more. They have worked with big names like Nickelback or Newton Faulkner or big labels like Warner Music.

Their team can get you  the desired media attention.


Credit card consolidation

If you have problems with managing your credit card bills and everything is getting out of control, it is time to find a quick solution for your problems.

One of the best ways of getting out of this debt is credit card consolidation. Credit card consolidation allows you to merge different credit card bills into a single monthly payment. 

After a little search on the internet I found a site, credit card consolidation, containing expert advices about debt consolidation and getting out of debt. I can say that It can be a major help in consolidating your credit cards.


The best cancer news at www.cancer-news.info

Jun 29, 2011

All I got to say that thanks to God in my family nobody was diagnostised with cancer. And I hope that this thing will remain unchanged.

But one of my older neighbours has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He lives alone and without help, so I know that he needs help. I started searching the internet for information on how to treat this kind of cancer, and i found a great site, Cancer News.

The site is very useful, with a lot of information on how to treat different kinds of cancer and with lots of tips on cancer prevention. My advice is that if you want to find proper information about cancer then start the search on this site.


Follow Peter Francis-Macrae @twitter

Jun 17, 2011

Recently i have joined Twitter. Usually i don't have time to stay around on similar sites, but i have just found a guy from Wisbech, UK. His name is Peter Francis-Macrae and after i have read his short presentation i gave him follow to see what he has to say. He follows a bunch of tech blogs and i think that we can learn something from him. Check him out.


Cool: Frank Ocean - Swim Good (music video)

Apr 7, 2011

Enjoy :)


A 85 years old sailor crosses the Atlantic on a raft

Anthony Smith, a 85 years old bristish sailor always dreamed of crossing the Atlantic ocean on a raft. Yesterday, 6 april 2011 the dream came true, he and his friends arrived intro Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

They needed almost two months to reach the ending point with the 40 foot sail powered raft.



Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme Runflat

Sep 28, 2010

A high performance runflat winter tire

The WINTRAC XTREME was the first winter tire to be made in collaboration with Giugiaro Design. Based on the powers of the WINTRAC XTREME, the WINTRAC XTREME RUNFLAT comes with an extra reinforcement (insert) on the inside of the tire. The bead construction is also reinforced to make sure that even if a loss of pressure occurs, the tire stays firmly seated on the rim. Despite these modifications, the high level of comfort is unimpaired. If there is a loss of pressure, the WINTRAC XTREME RUNFLAT is still suitable for speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h). Depending on the load, you can drive for up to a further 50 miles (80 kilometres) on it.

Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme Runflat Sizes
205/55 RF 16 91 H

205/45 RF 17 84 V
225/45 RF 17 91 V
225/50 RF 17 94 H


Vredestein Comtrac Ice

The studable winter tire for extreme conditions

The Comtrac Ice is designed for vans and features a durable carcass with steel reinforcement strips to ensure complete safety throughout its service life. The combination of the unique tread, an advanced tread compound, and special studs minimises braking distance and ensures optimum acceleration on snow and ice. The Comtrac Ice uses a type of stud with a hard metal pin specially developed for Vredestein after many years of research. It not only greatly improves the tyre’s performance, but it also reduces the risk of stud loss. With its two wide longitudinal grooves the directional tread, which is identical to that of the Comtrac Winter tyre, optimises water dispersion to prevent aquaplaning. 

 Vredestein Comtrac Ice Features
Special PCA-free rubber compound
Stud core hardness and dimensions match tread wear
Perfect combination of sturdy tread and advanced stud positioning on the tyre face
Triple flange stud construction

Vredestein Comtrac Ice Benefits
Excellent driveability at low temperatures and on snow and ice
Optimum grip and stability throughout the long service life
Excellent self-cleaning properties, reduced braking distance and good acceleration in winter conditions
Reduced risk of stud loss

Vredestein Comtrac Ice Sizes
195/70 R 15 C 104/102 R
195/70 R 15 104 T
215/70 R 15 109 R
215/70 R 15 C 109/107 R
225/70 R 15 C 112/110 R
225/70 R 15 112 R

195/65 R 16 104 R
205/65 R 16 107
205/65 R 16 C 107/105 R
205/65 R 16 107 R
215/65 R 16 C 109/107 R
215/65 R 16 109 R
225/65 R 16 112 R
225/65 R 16 C 112/110 R
235/65 R 16 C 115/113 R
235/65 R 16 115 R
235/65 R 16 115 R


Vredestein Comtrac Winter

 The Winter Tire for Modern Delivery Vehicles

The Comtrac Winter has a directional tread which, in combination with two large circumferential grooves, ensures excellent water dispersion and prevents aquaplaning. The large number of zigzag sipes in the tread blocks are designed in such a way that the tire easily shakes off mud and snow. In addition, this unique tread design with its special compound, provides for a shorter braking distance and improved acceleration in wintry conditions. The sturdy shoulder blocks play a crucial role when cornering, especially with heavier loads. Their special construction guarantees an optimal grip. At the same time, the Comtrac Winter is a good-looking tire, designed to meet the increasing aesthetic demand from owners of modern delivery vans.

Vredestein Comtrac Winter Features
Directional tread design with zigzag sipes
Unique winter tyre tread compound
Sturdy shoulder blocks and a steel reinforcement strip in the sidewall of the tyre
Wide range of modern sizes available with R and T speed rating
Vredestein Comtrac Winter Benefits
Good water dispersal and easily shakes off mud and snow Quiet and very comfortable
Shorter braking distance and improved acceleration in wintry conditions
Immediate response to steering movements, optimal grip on corners and good overall stability
Ideal for modern delivery vans capable of speeds up to max’ 118 mph (190 km/h)

Vredestein Comtrac Winter Sizes
185 R 14 C 102/100 R
195 R 14 C 106/104 R

205/65 R 15 C 102/100 R
195/70 R 15 C 104/102 R
205/70 R 15 C 106/104 R
215/70 R 15 C 109/107 R
225/70 R 15 C 112/110 R

205 R 16 C 104/102 T XL
215/60 R 16 103 T
195/65 R 16 C 104/102 R
205/65 R 16 C 107/105 R
215/65 R 16 C 109/107 R
225/65 R 16 C 112/110 R
235/65 R 16 C 115/113 R
195/75 R 16 C 107/105 R
205/75 R 16 C 110/108 R
215/75 R 16 C 113/111 R
205 R 16 C 110/108 R

235/60 R 17 C 117/115 R


Vredestein SNOW+

Safety is first, no mather what are the weather conditions

Vredestein offers a wide range of special tire sizes made for summer and winter use. When it comes to reliability and safety, the Sprint+ and Snow+ have a proven track record. Features include excellent handling response and a longer life, due to the special tread mixture and cleverly made contour of the tire.

Vredestein SNOW+ Features
Striking profile
Exceptional tread compound and contour
Extra tread depth
Stud holes
Q- Speed symbol

Vredestein SNOW+ Benefits
A great winter tyre with maximum road grip due to the robust blocks
Long life
Improved resistance to aquaplaning Extra grip in snowy conditions
Tyre can be studded for extra grip on icy roads
Up to 160 km/h
3 sizes

Vredestein SNOW+ Sizes
165 SR 14 84 Q
165/80 R 14 84 Q

155 SR 15 82 Q
165 SR 15 86 Q


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